Sunday, June 22, 2008

What does "SAVYASACHI" mean??

many a times i found people around me find it vry difficult to digest my name..although it is one of the most unique and significant name i've ever heard..thanks to my parents for giving me this name.
now the question arises what does my name mean??so friends here i present the meaning of my name to clear all confusions :
"savyasachi" has dictionary meaning "ambidextrous" ....i.e. a person capable of performing a particular job equally by both the hands (although i am not good enough in doing that ;) )..
I do remember when i used to pull up a broomstick from a broom and used to make my bow and arrow from it and used to play with the bow and arrow by my left hand..that was the reason my parents gave me this complicated name..
"savyasachi" was the fifth name of arjuna in mahabharat b'coz he was capable of working with bow by both the hands..there were nearly 10 names of arjuna in mahabharata..those names are described below..just have a look :

Partha -son of Pritha, another name for Kunti
Jishnu-the Irrepressible
Kiriti- Shining Diadem, which was gifted by Indra
Shwethavahana-one of Shining Steeds
Bheebhatsu-the Fair Fighter
Vijaya-the Victorious
Phalguna-one born under the asterism "Uttara Phalguna"
Savyasachi-one capable of working a bow with either hand
Dhananjaya-winner of Great Wealth
Gandeevi-the owner of Gandeeva, his bow
Krishna-the dark-skinned one, named by Pandu out of his admiration of Krishna
Kapidhwaja-With the Monkey banner,as Hanuman sat on his banner. It is mentioned that his banner was of a monkey even before the great war
Gudakesha -conqueror of sleep, given in childhood itself,after he started practising archery skills in the dead of night

i hope there must not be any confusion in your mind now related to my name..


  1. fentastic information.

  2. I don't know how relevant it is to comment on a blog item which is 4 years old (!) However, the information contained is eternal (!), thus perhaps justifying this addenda.
    Assigning the meaning of ambidexterity to the word Savyasachi is only looking at the literal side of it. A broader (or figurative) meaning is that he who can use both the logical and emotional aspects - biologists talk in terms of left and right sides of the brain- is a Savyasachi. Arjuna was supposed to be good at that. Perhaps you are also true to this feature :)

  3. nice explanation dude by the way this is Savyasachi....

  4. nice explanation bro...:):)

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  6. Appreciate your method of reaching out to the world.
    Keep it up,
    ANJ Aradhya

    1. Thanks a lot . Will try to post some stuffs now on. :)

  7. You did not recollect the name Arjun gained after enjoying the Divya Vishwarupa of Lord Krishna, That is Savyasachi.

  8. Just to add ... Savya means Left and Apasavya means right ... Sachi means Archer ... So a person who is a proficient archer even with his/her left hand is Savyasachi

    1. Wow . That's something new I came across. Thanks a lot for information . :)

  9. I just came across your blog....7 years later. I admire your name and appreciate that you are so proud of it and have thanked your parents for choosing it. It has a beauty that is eternal. Thanks for sharing this information.

  10. I was in search of a name for my son. Thanku all for the info...let me thank on behalf of my little savyasachi :)

  11. You look like the olden days Rajendra Kumar!!!

    1. He he . I would take it as a compliment :D

  12. It's weird you have not given the most contextual meaning.
    Savya is another name for Lord Vishnu
    Saachi means loved one.
    And since Vishnu had soft corner for Arjun he was called savyasaachi